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The ultimate scaleup guide to automating business processes

The key to growing the revenue of any company, is to eliminate bottlenecks in the business processes. In other words, to automate those business processes. But this sounds a lot easier said than done. Questions like Where do I start? and How do I combine an automation project with my regular workload? are very common. The answer is the Business Process Automation Cycle.

An iterative improvement process

In this whitepaper we introduce you to the Business Process Automation Cycle, an effective and efficient framework to iteratively automate your business processes. The framework is especially useful for scaleups, and other companies that have a need to automate their business processes without hiring expensive outside help.

Grow your revenue, not your workforce
The Business Process Automation Cycle will allow you to grow your revenue by automating your processes in iterations. You start small, free up time, then reinvest that time into the next iteration. This is a workflow that many agile companies will recognize. The end goal is to fully automate as many business processes as you can, while remaining flexible while doing so.

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