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We create data science solutions that enable managers to act proactively, before things happen

Data Science is a broad set of tools and a combination of diverse fields that try to explain what will happen in the future based on historical data. The foundations of data science lay in statistics and mathematics, it uses computer science and the power of computers to build and solve advanced models and algorithms. But before jumping into the technical solutions, a business domain knowledge is required. A data science project should define the business questions clearly before starting the actual solution.

A successfull data science solution must arm the managers with a knowledge so that he/she can act and preposition the company before the changes happen. Classical dashboards and reports are useful while evaluating the past. They tell us what happened in the past. But a data science solution must inform us about the possible happenings in the future. If our customers will stop buying from us or not, how much sales we will make in the comings months or if an employee will leave the company or not...


Based on these predictions, managers can take preventive measures to minimize the negative impacts or maximizes the positive effects.

As VisionIQ we adapt CRISP-DM methodology when we work on data science projects. CRISP-DM is an open standard process developed to help initially data mining experts to have common approaches through different industries. This metholodogy provides continous development cycles and an agile approach.

Our current solutions are categorized into three according to their application areas:

Marketing & Sales

1. Potential Revenue Analysis

2. Customer Health Index

3. Customer Segmentation

4. Basket Analysis


1.Inventory Optimization

2.Logistics Optimization


1.Smart Purchasing

Ook voortaan vooruit kijken op basis van uw data i.p.v. achteruit?  Wilt u het zelf zien of heeft u vragen over onze visionIQ oplossing? Laat uw gegevens achter en we nemen z.s.m. contact met u op!

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