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Why is No Code better than Hand Code?

As No-Code application development platforms are gaining popularity across the globe, there are many questions as why no code is better as compared to traditional hand coding; therefore here are some pointers that will answer all your questions.

Learning process-

There are a number of parallels between learning to code and learning to speak a new language. The most infuriating similarity is that, as with learning any language, you have to spend time practicing. Learning to code is a process of trial and error. Coding is a skill. It takes time, and it helps to have guidance. There are dozens of coding languages. A few languages are all-purpose (or multipurpose), but most serve a specific function. JavaScript, a relatively old language, exists to make web pages more functional. There are specialized languages that are great if you need something super specific, but all you really need to get started are a few common ones.

WEM as a no code development platform is a tool for building software applications without coding, even if you’re a stranger to any of the coding languages, it won’t restrict you from building your application. WEM is popular and promising alternative to traditional software development for non-technical business users hoping to build their own full-fledged applications. If you are a small business that lacks the budget to hire a software developer or outsource to a software development house, no code platforms move the power of innovation into the hands of your entire organization.

Time consumption-

Not only do you spend time learning coding but also while using it to develop an application. Building an application from scratch can take a lot of time eventually delaying your time to meet your vision. WEM as a no-code application development platform helps you save time by reducing the application building time by ten times as compared to the hand coding process. Eventually helping you to achieve the goal faster and increasing productivity. WEM allows you to build application without coding making it user friendly for all the employees in the organization, eventually reducing pressure on the IT department and increasing productivity.

Cost factor-

Traditional hand coding is a skilled learnt after years and months of learning along with the fact that building an application can take months, making professional coding one of the highly paid occupation. Hiring a professional coder or firm to build an application can cost you a large amount of funds. Using WEM allow companies empower their business users and citizen developers to easily create business applications based on their needs without requiring the additional resources; any user or citizen developer with some knowledge of technical skills can create applications. This results in cutting overall cost for technological advancement.

Rapid Response to Change Management

Corporate requirements are constantly in flux making it difficult for software developers to change coding midway through development as it takes a lot of time. WEM making changes in applications, or enhancing their functionalities, is much easier than traditional methods of application development. WEM help businesses eliminate the backlog of applications and enable rapid time-to-market by streamlining the development process. Users can instantly make changes and create a better experience as well as track efficiency and keep business processes automated.

Thanks to our colleagues of WEM APAC for this blogpost

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